A Learning Party for Spiritual Changemakers

Join Us For This Unique Event In May 2023

Soularize is designed to be a different kind of event, with an underlying purpose to strengthen participants’ shifting from “ego-centric” to “ecosystem-centric” leadership (ie., ways of being and doing across faiths) alongside their peers. Soularize was created to generate individual and collective “action confidence”, which helps in shifting the mindsets, relationships and actions that are needed to guide the world of spirituality as it goes through a time of significant change.

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Want To Join Us For SOULARIZE 2023?

Applications to join us for SOULARIZE 2023 will open on January 1st, 2023. The first step will be to share your project with our "Story Mosaic". 









This year’s Theme is Common Cause  Communities 


For those whose spiritual journey has already led them to invest significant energy in an important societal issue, this gathering will bring you together with

  • others similarly motivated to address that issue,
  • offering a shared identity,
  • ideas for your work, and
  • potential colleagues in your journey towards change.

In other words, helping form a Common Cause Community.