Soularize is a non-profit collaborative that exists to support spiritual innovators, changemakers, and others to create unique, authentic gatherings that generate solutions to the world’s problems.

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What We Do

Here at Soularize, we work to host learning parties for spiritual changemakers so we can connect, collaborate, and co-create a better world together. We work with emerging spiritually inspired founders, organizations, movements, and leaders to weave together a gathering of the mind, body, heart, and soul for our participants.

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What People Are Saying About Soularize

Megan B -
National Catholic Educational Association

"I just wanted to personally thank you for everything I experienced at Soularize. I came in very uncertain and had no idea what to expect. I left moved and motivated and valued for my expertise and purview, which were a vast departure from most of the folks I was around. Thank you all for taking a chance on me (us) and I’m DEEPLY honored to have been in that space."

Kimberly W -
Interfaith Voices Radio

"WHAT a TIME we had! I looooooved Soularize. I am back at my desk today and I want to put into action some of the ideas I had or heard while there!"

Nikole L -

Freely In Hope 

"Soularize brought together a community of diverse spiritual leaders from all over the world. As an organizational leader working in the international sector, it was a truly transformational convening for me. I gained new skills in facilitation design that I've been able to bring back to my organization—providing new methods for organizational development, spiritual transformation, and relationship building.

Why Support Soularize

Here at Soularize, we are committed to making long-lasting and positive changes in this world. We do this by creating unforgettable gatherings that ignite opportunities for our guiding principles to flourish: 


We create spiritual gatherings that prioritize organic connection, relationships, and fun — a learning party!


We celebrate and learn from diverse spiritual traditions, stories, and experiences in an environment that invites humility, openness, and curiosity.


We create the opportunity for changemakers to work together across differences toward shared purposes for a better world.


We seek to cultivate a holistic, creative, and spiritual space that integrates mind, heart, body, and soul.


Our events are strategic and generative gatherings that help catalyze communities, movements, and organizations that extend beyond the event.


Participants of a Soularize event come away feeling transformed and refreshed in their faith, soul, and mission.

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Integrating Work & Life Summit

All purchases of the lifetime access pass of the summit go to the Soularize Scholarship fund, which helps spiritual innovators attend a Soularize event for free. Support the mission today!

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Work With Soularize

Are you a leader, changemaker, or organization who is interested in hosting an in-person event but are not sure where to start? We are here to help! As long as your mission is aligned with making the world a better place through spiritual innovation, changemaking, and connection, Soularize is here to support you. Inquire below to see how you can partner with Soularize and make your gathering come to life.

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