What Is Soularize? 

Here at Soularize, we host learning parties for spiritual changemakers so we can connect, collaborate, and co-create a better world together. We work with emerging faith-based founders, organizations, movements, and leaders to weave together a gathering of the mind, body, heart, and soul for our participants.

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Our Mission

Empower individuals and groups to embrace a more humane spirituality with open minds and open hearts. We strive to support and celebrate spiritual innovators by hosting gatherings that fostering connection, offering resources, and promoting diverse perspectives in order to create a more inclusive and enlightened global community.

The History 

In 2021, a stirring sense of change beckoned us to explore the unfolding spiritual landscape, prompting us to invite friends beyond denominations to join us on this transformative journey. As we embraced 2023, our collective focus shifted towards learning from one another, and one hundred forty individuals from diverse corners of the world responded eagerly to map the spiritual ecosystem. United by a shared vision of inclusivity, we set out to build bridges between different beliefs, valuing the wisdom each person brings. Grateful for the multitude of voices shaping our growth, we invite our people from all faith background, communities, and organizations to join us in this enlightening venture, where we delve into uncharted territories and emerge wiser together, embracing the spirit of learning.

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The Future 

As we move forward, we are united by a shared vision to find commonality amidst differing belief systems, support the efforts of spiritual innovators, help build relationships, host gatherings, and provide online tools. Soularize is a space for boundless minds to unite and forge new paths of humane spiritual growth. As a people-centered event and online community that offers a uniquely safe space for spiritual innovators to engage in open interfaith conversations, explore new and interesting concepts, and build a supportive community.

Why Support Soularize?


At Soularize, we embrace boundless minds and foster a dynamic community centered around open interfaith dialogues and spiritual innovation. Connection has always been at the forefront of what we do, and by supporting Soularize you are supporting the work of new and emerging innovators, changemakers, organizations, and movements that are working together to make the world a more humane place. Your donations and support go directly towards helping to gather these visionaries together and make the change possible through our guiding principles. 

Our Values And Principles?

Our Values and principles are at the center of everything we do here are Soularize. 

Soularize is designed to hold space for transformation, emotions, new ideas, and exciting opportunities for long-term collaboration. Let's build a better world together through our faith, our commitment, and our connection to each other and our causes.

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Interested in attending a Soularize event as an individual or organization? Our live event is in the works. We are excited to share the details for the 2025 gathering soon.

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Are you an organization or donor looking to make a larger impact on the Soularize moment? Let's talk about partnership or sponsorship opportunities that are available. 


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