Soularize 2023 was presented through the collective efforts of Ashoka, The Presencing Institute, and CoCreative. This event was different from the Soularize events of the past. With the expected thoughtfulness, energy, and diverse mix of people, this year delved deeper than ever before into the world of spiritual changemaking and what it means to be a leader in spiritually inspired causes.

Meet The 2023 Partners
What Emerged?

The Soularize 2023 Partners

What makes Soularize 2023 unlike any Soularize before, our amazing team of partners and strategists working to bring you an engaging, thoughtful, and impactful experience?


Ashoka has been engaged in its multi-faith Spiritual Changemakers Initiative over the last five years. For 40 years, Ashoka has been observing many changemakers and social entrepreneurs who work to create an inclusive and equitable world. The Spiritual Changemakers Initiative is our way to collaborate with a spiritually diverse network to address the most pressing issues of our time and amplify spiritual changemakers’ voices, stories, and insights toward the creation of a new lived narrative about their role in creating a thriving society. 

Presencing Institute & Theory U 

The Presencing Institute was founded in 2006 by MIT Sloan School of Management by Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer and colleagues to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change. They are joining Soularize 2023 to facilitate the common cause communities and practices during the 3-day event. 


CoCreative is our specialist in collaboration and getting things done, especially the tough stuff. They will help us convene ongoing collaborations to advance the field of spiritually-inspired changemaking beyond Soularize.

What Emerged At Soularize 2023?


  • Our ultimate goal was collective action and an agenda for spiritually-inspired leadership in a common cause on selected issues. We invited participants to bring their ambition on behalf of the world they seek to co-shape. 
  • We left the three days with elements of a shared vision and some concrete next steps.
  • An important part of our time together was to build relationships, start to form a common narrative, and to share a few frameworks for leadership in these disruptive/liminal times so we have a common vocabulary for how we use our leadership capital. 
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Why Attend Soularize In The Future?

Soularize is not your average “conference” but an event that will create connections, build skills, and expand our scope of understanding on topics of great value.

Strengthen Relationships & Accelerate Partnerships


An important part of our time together is to build relationships, start to form a common narrative and to share a few frameworks.

Build Shared Vision & Co-create New Avenues


Our agenda is built for spiritually-inspired leadership in common cause on selected issues. We invite you to bring in your ambition on behalf of the world you want to co-shape. 

Plant The Seeds of Aligned Action In Your Movement 


We will leave the three days with elements of shared vision and some concrete next steps to propel your movements, visions, and prototypes forward. 

Soularize is designed to hold space for transformation, emotions, new ideas, and exciting opportunities for long-term collaboration. Participating in this event will put you in touch with yourself, our global contexts, and a network of powerful leaders who want to think together about new spiritual ways to address the most pressing issues of our time.

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